Robotics – Where Science And Creativity Merge Posted By Amit

Robotics – Where Science And Creativity Merge
My nephew, at the young age of 15, out of his own curiosity, from watching you tube videos and doing research on the Internet, built a robotic broom for his mother.  Now the thing that surprised all of us, was that it actually worked, with a few quirks, of course, like when it hit a wall, you had to turn it around and then it would continue sweeping the floor.  And even more surprising was that it lasted a couple of weeks before eventually dying out on us.                

Out of simple curiosity and the encouragement and support of his parents, that allowed him the freedom to explore his inquisitiveness, he was able to build a robotic broom.  Up until that point, if you asked him what he wanted to do in life, he didn’t have an answer for you.  But today, he is an electronics engineer in the IT hub of India, Bangalore.  He is where he is today, simply because he was curious, talented and had the freedom to explore and learn.

Imagine your children, if they are also allowed to explore everything that strikes their curiosity.  Where would they end up in life?  So, if your children, as most children are, are always tinkering with the electronics in your house, or have a curiosity for how things work, then maybe they need to be in a class that allows them to explore that wonder and curiousness, like a robotics class, which there are many of in Pune. 

The most beautiful thing about a robotics class is that it allows for the development of both sides of the brain.  Surprising, isn’t it?  The reason behind this is that, the creativity that it takes to design the robot, combined with the logical thinking needed to program it, allows for both sides to develop equally.  There have been many studies that have shown the importance of proper brain development in children, especially equal development of both sides. So enrol your children in a robotics class, that will awaken their wonder for science, computers, programming, engineering and their creativity as well.  Support your children’s growth by giving them the freedom to explore their childlike curiosity and wonder. 

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