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Revive Dying Unique Skills
My friend’s mother about a decade ago, gave me a hand embroidered saree as a gift, which was stunning.  I was shocked and surprised to learn she had embroidered the patterns on the saree, herself. The amount of time and patience it must have took for her to do this, only reflected the depth of her feelings for me.  I was touched to tears.  A couple of years ago, I went to a tailor and asked them if they could embroider my saree, and they said, no.  Apparently, nobody does embroidery by hand anymore.  I was shocked. How did such a skill die so quickly?  There was a time when a tailor could embroider anything.                 

But with everything becoming automated, it’s not surprising that many skills, in addition to embroidering, are also dying.  The next generation will simply have no idea what basket weaving, handwriting, knitting, or pottery to name a few, are.  Take a good look outside and see if you can find a roadside shop that sells clay pots n pans.  You can’t.  They are next to impossible to find.  I remember my grandmother making fish curry in a clay pot and I can tell you that the taste of foods cooked in a clay pot, has such a unique taste, that no non-stick can replicate. 
Just take a look in your own home.  You probably have a skill that seems foreign, strange and outdated to your own children.  Just because this “plugged in” young generation doesn’t know about it, doesn’t mean it has to die.  It’s up to us, the masters of these unique skills to keep them alive, by passing on the art to the next generation.  And what better way, than to teach your unique talent to others.  Help them to discover the joys of writing Calligraphy, for example, as you have.  You don’t have to look very hard to start teaching, as there is a portal, called Classboat that is ready to help you list your class for your unique skill, and send the students to you.

So, don’t let this modern technologically focused generation, take away from the world, the simple things that bring joy to our lives.  Teach this new generation, not only your skill, but the secret to living a fulfilling life, which is the art of losing yourself in a simple things that bring us joy and bring us closer to ourselves. 

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