Resurgence Of Marathi Cinema Through Compelling Story Telling Posted By Abhimanyu

Resurgence Of Marathi Cinema Through Compelling Story Telling
Currently Marathi Cinema is most evolved and prominent regional cinema in India. One after the other it is delivering masterpieces which are spectacularly high on content with top notch acting. Whether it’s the recently released blockbuster “Sairat” or critically acclaimed “Killa” All of them had one thing in common, that they were without any superstars. So let me share some examples which are the epitome of film making and are exponentially pushing the boundaries of creativity and content.

1) Shwaas
Resurgence of Marathi cinema started with this masterpiece. India’s Official entry for Oscars in the year 2004. This one will surely make you weep. The story about how an old man tried to show his grandson the preciousness and beauty of life in a no win situation such as cancer. It is about keeping a positive attitude towards life.

Harishchandrachi Factory
A biopic on the father of Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke is not only amazing but totally epic. The story is about Dadasaheb Phalke who accidentally discovers a tent screening a silent movie and is amazed by the idea of storytelling. He brings together a team of technicians to produce India's first feature film.

3) Court
Another gem of a movie written and directed by twenty six year old lad Chaitanya Tamhane will surely show you the real essence of a court house. It’s the second Marathi movie to be selected as India’s official entry for the prestigious Oscars 2016. The story is about a social activist who uses folk music to spread his message is arrested, accused of inciting a sewage worker's suicide. Lawyers from both sides of the aisle, and the rote ideologies they represent, are scrutinized as the trial plays out.

4) Natsamrat  
Nana Patekar delivers a scintillating and mesmerizing performance as a fallen theatre actor. Directed my Mahesh Manjrekar the story is about a retired actor and his wife fall on hard times after their children's ingratitude leaves them without anything.


It’s that kind of movie which will stay in your mind for quite a long time because of its wonderful observations about childhood to which you’ll be able to connect. It’s a coming to age story about an 11-year-old child who has a difficult time coping with the death of his father after relocating to an unfamiliar place.


The most emotional and thought provoking movie that deals with the brutality of India’s caste system which doesn’t even spare the human emotion called love. The story is about Jabya, a school-going boy from the lower caste, falls in love with Shalu, a higher caste girl. At the same time, his family seeks to hunt an elusive pig in order to earn a living.


Another thought provoking film addressing the effect of globalization on India's small towns and how the politics play an important role in the terrible state of Indian villages. The film also speaks about how the acceptance of commercialization of religion can lead to development. The story is about Keshya, a rural man, gets a vision of Lord Dutta and announces it to the world about his vision that attracts media and politicians. Will the villagers believe his divine vision?

Balak Palak
 A must watch movie for parents which deals with the topic of Sex Education. The story is about the curiosity of four adolescent’s on the topic of sex which leads them to develop a bond with their elderly schoolmate Vishu who introduces them to a world of pornography of which they were completely unaware of.

Pune 52

Marathi Cinema’s only Neo-Noir genre movie which created a lot of stir after its trailer launch itself. A critically acclaimed movie which intrigues audience is directed by a debutant Nikhil Mahajan. The story is about Amar who works as a private detective and tries to make his overbearing wife happy. He becomes involved in a police investigation and has an affair with his client's lover.


The recent blockbuster which is breaking all Marathi cinema’s previous records. Directed by Nagraj Popatrao Manjule who was also the director of movie Fandry, proves yet again why he is the master storyteller. In this movie he again raises the same topic which he raised in his movie Fandry which is that of India’s caste system which doesn’t even spare human emotion called Love. The story is about Brave and Persistent Prashant Kale a college cricket team captain and the brightest student in his year who falls in love with strong headed, higher caste Aarchi, daughter of a local politician. How will their families react? What happens to love when two people have to sacrifice everything for it?          

I know you must be thinking that these movies are boring, slow paced and lacking entertainment but let me assure they are not. Just watch it once and let the magic of Marathi cinema grip you. And on watching or after reading this article if you get that kick of becoming a director or a scriptwriter or an editor then join the classes and look for them at (
There are many other spectacular marathi movies which i haven't included)

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