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Public Speaking for Kids
In nuclear or joint families we often see that one of the kids wins so many prizes in stage activities in school while other seems dumb to perform on stage. Different individual carries different traits in nature and personality. Some can be extrovert, spontaneous or humorous while some can be introvert and shy in the crowd. Parents are much concerned about every character and habit of the child. They should encourage their kid to take part in each and every activity, which makes them active and open in front of others.

As a part of curriculum, students are asked to make speeches or presentation in front of their classmates and teachers. Few of the students are not comfortable in the crowd because they have never been taught so.

Public speaking is an activity where kids have to communicate, persuade and present themselves to people both professionally and socially. Many kids step backward when it comes to public speaking. Children should be encouraged to speak in public whether to crack a joke, make fun or recite a poem or short story from young age , as it grow ups to be a confident communicator.

Parents can help their child to give many opportunities to develop Public speaking skills. For example, quick activities such as they can ask their kid to explain what they can see in their surroundings in one minute,

Or they can ask them to recite poem with friends or siblings together,
Use of palm cards can be helpful, making eye contact with audience, Correct volume of voice in the room etc.

Or parents can make their kid join the personality grooming classes so as to make him remove stage fear through stage activities and public speaking classes. Tremendous results have been seen in the children who have joined such classes. In extempore, one minute speech, hosting the assembly or any in house party kids have became more active, attentive, humorous and spontaneous. Your kid too can do wonders, let him join one without taking pain of scrolling so many classes in Pune City just visit Classboat and you are done with your one.

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