Pottery Classes To Lose Yourself In Posted By Anu

Pottery Classes To Lose Yourself In
In today’s fast paced, technologically advanced world, we store much of our stress, from daily life in our bodies, especially our hands.  Release that energy by pouring it into creating something of simplistic beauty. 

Tactile hobbies have the power to transform your negative energy into creative energy.  De-Stress your life by Learning the beautiful Art of Pottery Making.  Sink your hands into the coolness of clay and get lost in creating pottery ware that will silence your mind and keep you rooted in the present moment. 

Spend a few hours a week developing your skills, in a pottery class, close to your home in Pune, to create unique vases, cookware, jars etc.  Have you ever tasted the flavors of simple dal cooked in earthen ware?  Re-discover the earthy flavors that will surface from your normal dishes, when cooked in pots crafted by you.  

Display a variety of unique objects made by you around your home.  Decorate your rooms with original handmade decorative pieces, rather than store bought things that have no personality.  Spending money on things to decorate your home, can give you an immediate surge of happiness. But decorating your home with unique pieces of art crafted by you, will fill your heart with joy, every time your eyes fall on it.  Each piece will have a story behind it.  You will remember when you made it and the feelings you poured into it when making it. 

Or perhaps you may discover that the final product has nothing to do with your love of pottery, but rather the feel of the pottery wheel turning, the textures of the clay beneath your fingers and getting lost in the present moment.  The relaxation that descends upon you as you get absorbed in making pottery, is truly a gift that very few can attain.  A hobby class that can transform your life into one surrounded by joy and beauty.  A joy and beauty that radiates from within you and touches all those that you encounter.  

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Laila24 June 2016
The writer perfectly captured my feelings... that is how I feel whenever I make pottery.