Playing Farmville In Your Spare Time? Posted By Jay

Playing Farmville In Your Spare Time?
Being technologically advanced definitely has its downsides.  We have so much time on our hands that there have never been more people bored than there is today.  What do we do with all this time?  We sit in front of the TV watching mindless shows and movies or we sit in front of this screen, the computer screen and are social networking or playing games, that do nothing to raise our intelligence as people.

Sure, there are tons of hobby classes out there that you could join and learn something new or spend some time with your family and friends, but what else can you do?  You work in a job, probably which is not really useful to your life, other than providing you the means to buy things and live comfortably. So what can you do that will add some meaning to your life and while helping to re-shape society.   Reshape society?  Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.  Why not mould young minds so that they become capable of doing great things in the future.  Share with them your experiences and stories while teaching them something that you are good at.  Don’t know what that is?  Think about it. I’m sure you have a talent that nobody else has because we are all born with something unique in us.  We just have to tap into it.  
Imagine, becoming listed as a big brother or sister or life coach.  Why not help the youth that are out there, that are desperately seeking some guidance from someone?  Not just any kind of guidance, but relevant to their lives from people who are intelligent and not just boasting about themselves.  The responsibility you take upon yourself to guide someone will definitely give your life a purpose and meaning, while enhancing the lives of others.  So, list yourself on classboat as a Life Coach or Mentor and see the kind of response you get from today’s youth that need YOU! 

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Merryweather29 June 2016
I wish I had a life coach or a mentor when I was younger and starting out in life, the guidance would have been helpful.