New Beginnings With New Lessons This Ganesh Chaturthi Posted By Ekta

New Beginnings With New Lessons This Ganesh Chaturthi
India is well known for the many religious festivals and holidays, but one of the most favorite ones that is widely celebrated throughout India is Ganesh Chaturthi.  It is a festival full of celebrations and merriment, where many pray to the beloved God, Ganesha, so that any new activity started is successfully completed.  Just look around the city and you will find massive statues that have been erected and hundreds of little shops selling little Ganeshas for people to celebrate and pray to within their homes.  So, what kind of new beginnings are you starting this festival season?

Learn To Make Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols
In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of the massive amount of pollution this festival creates and have taken steps to reduce it in their own ways.  Amongst the hundreds of shops lining the city, selling idols, you will find many selling eco-friendly Ganeshas, as well.  Furthermore, many embrace the act of making their own eco-friendly idols by joining special classes that teach how to make your own idol that won’t harm or cause further pollution. There is nothing more horrific or sorrowful than seeing the massive statues, which are erected everywhere, after having been immersed, floating around in pieces with the head in one direction, the legs, hands, etc.
Many of the societies in and around Pune, have adopted making eco-friendly idols, such as my society.  Moreover, the water that they immerse the idol in at the end of the ten days of celebrations, is used to water the plants around the society.  It is our small contribution by playing our parts in taking care of the environment and reducing pollution. 

Starting Your Beginning With Learning
Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginning of the festive season, as Dussehra and Diwali follow shortly thereafter.  Embrace the spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi by taking up a few hobby classes that will put you in the mood for this festive season.  Learning something new can also be a fun activity, if you take up Classes such as Rangoli Making  mehndi drawing classes, music and dance classes or even cooking classes, so that you can make all your favorite holiday treats.  
Every home you visit this festive season is bound to be decorated with beautiful rangoli and wonderful scents that will tickle your tastebuds, as you enter.  So, make sure the visitors who stop by your house this Ganesh Chaturthi, are left spellbound by the beautiful rangoli decoration inviting them to enter your home to take part in the festivities.  And once they are within your warm and cozy home, tempt their taste buds with wonderful sweets and snacks hand made by you, that will leave them wanting more.  
This Ganesh Chaturthi start the festival season by spreading love and warmth to not only those who visit you but also by taking care of this beautiful planet we live on, by not causing any pollution. Do your small part because if each individual does their part then the sum of all the little parts is equal to the whole.  

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