Music An Addiction Of Rhythmic Adventures Posted By Aamir Pathan

Music An Addiction Of Rhythmic Adventures
Music is man’s that greatest creation which is not inhibited by any boundaries. It is simply that channel which touches ones soul and helps to comfortably exhibit the unspoken desires. Can you imagine your life without Music? I guess no it’s been totally hard wired in our system. With many important effects on our life, let me pinpoint you to those in this article. So to begin with -

1) Music Helps To Express With Ease
All your feelings like Anger, Love, Passion and Joy can be expressed with the help of music. I am sure you agree with me as you can remember a moment where you expressed you’re feelings through a song. And if you learn music you’ll be able to create your own tunes to effectively express yourself. 

2) Music Helps to Relax 
A soothing music helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure which in turn lowers your stress thus making you feel relaxed. For example in elevators or in waiting areas. The soothing music helps you to stay calm rather than panic.

3) Music Assists in Uniting & Socializing 
Music helps to connect. This is proved when you go to a music concert or in a pub or attend certain music classes where you come in contact with new people with whom you interact and share your views thus increasing your social network.

4) Music Improves Human Traits 
By learning music your traits like Discipline, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Patience and many more are considerably improved. For example learning guitar, while you’re learning you tend to experience improvements in all of the above traits.

5) Music can Create A Mood
On listening to a melodious song a smile automatically comes on our face similarly on listening to sad one tears come in our eyes and on listening to dance number we get excited and our feat starts to tap this proves that our emotions are pertained to music.    

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