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Mind Body and Healing
What a power can’t do? Whether it is the power of money, authority, designation, prayers, magic or healing. Its basically the belief behind the thought that lets things happen in the way one wants. Prayers can do miracles so does healing. 

It must be unbelievable fact for many that one can be healed through various therapies like color therapy, sound therapy, crystal therapy, Touch Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Aroma Therapy, healing power of nature and many more in line.

The techniques where no doctors and medicines have their role anymore, just the pranic healers heal one from inside out.The techniques believe in hundred percent giving and hundred percent receiving which require hundred percent will. 

Another form of healing known is confessing the guilt in front of GOD, where one confesses all his wrong deeds which were performed deliberately or unknowingly. People do not easily realize about their wrong deed hence its not necessary that one will confess about the pain he has given to others. 

We usually see old people near to death confessing their guilt they carry in their hearts since they realize, that may be towards their parent, siblings, friends or any near and dear ones. Well healing plays an important role in someone’s life.

Healing is process of restoration of health
  from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism or disturbed peace of mind. Healing therapies not only give peace of mind also restore healthiness of body. Every inch of the body is so relaxed, recovered and healed that it feels like one has arrived in entire new world. Not only body so is the soul feeded by the therapy and peace of mind.

It takes our will power to overcome any odd, no one else can help in doing so. Until and unless one sets his mind to get out of negative circumstances no other can help him to get out of it. Healing oneself is connected with healing others.

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