Match The Beat Of The Universe With The Djembe Posted By Lakshmi

Match The Beat Of The Universe With The Djembe
About a year ago, my husband bought women of Africa CD and said I might like it because it had a lot of drums music, which I love to dance to.  One day, a few months later, I was feeling quite low and decided to put on the CD, out of mere curiosity.  The tracks were a mix of slow and fast songs, but all of them relied heavily on the usage of drumbeats.  My husband came into the living room because he heard the music and caught me dancing like a tribal African woman.  I stopped mid-dance and he said “I see we are getting in touch with our nativity!”, to which my reply was to simply shrug and continue dancing my tribal dance.  He laughed and left me alone to enjoy my tribal dance, which I did, completely.  
In fact, as I write this blog, I am listening to the CD right now and my feet and head are doing a dance of their own free will.  It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, but something about the drum beat makes everyone want to dance, no matter how much they may try to suppress it.  The djembe, meaning “everyone gather in peace”, is an African drum that is shaped like a goblet (wine glass).   It was traditionally used by storytellers and healers as a way to solve disputes within the community and also for social gatherings and celebrations such as weddings, births, harvests etc.  Every culture has its own version of a drum used similarly.  The beat of the drums automatically connects with our most primal and natural instincts.  As many people know, the drumbeat is directly related to the mother’s heartbeat, which is the first introduction to music a child has.  So the drum/drumbeat is something that we are deeply connected to at a subconscious level.  
So, whether you are learning to play the djembe or simply listening to the music, you will connect to that feeling which you don’t consciously recollect of being in the womb. This is the secret behind the fascination with drums for humans and why every country/culture seems to have its own version. It is like we are instinctively trying to re-capture that safe and secure feeling we had when we were in our mother’s womb.  So, while you may not know why you have an interest in learning to play the drums or the African djembe, one thing you will definitely know and feel is the contentment that fills you when you hear the beats of the drum.  

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