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Master Your Brain With Neuroscience
Hello!!! As we all know, Human Brain is master of all computers. Brain can do wonders if used in a right way. But in real world where is our brain stucked up? In blaming others , complaining, depression, harming our body by the strokes of anxiety, fear and stress.  At times which results in harming our body or harming others.

Such Emotional changes like happiness, sadness, excitement, nervousness happens because our Brain releases different chemicals in different situations. There are several actions going inside our Brain. At times we feel afraid, have low self-esteem, regret on something etc.

It’s the game played by Neurons in our Brain. There is a study which help us in knowing how our Brain works, why we react differently in different situations, what are Brain related disorders and more psychological facts, this is the science of Brain called Neuroscience

So in order to understand how our behavioural  pattern can be altered merely by understanding the functionality of our brain we have  an excellent opportunity to learn an innovative model of human behaviour that will help you gain well-being and ultimately take control of your own life. 

Reveal the hidden secrets about Brain with award winning businessman Mr.Narendra Barhate - MD and CEO of SEED Infotech and Chairman at Palash Healthcare, the one who has strong passion for Neuropsychology and its effects on human behaviour. 

(A versatile platform of all kinds of classes in Pune) Introduces a Workshop Master Your Brain with Neuroscience which will help you know: 
·       Why do we feel depressed and unmotivated sometimes? 
·       How to deal with situations/people/kids without losing Temper? 
·       How to crush your stress and take control of your own life 
·       Why fear misleads us towards wrong deeds?
·       Which part of brain is active when we behave in certain ways? 
·       Finding a new way to control anger and other emotions and making right decisions consciously. 

Come and Explore about your Brain activities and get the Right Guide to deal in various situations. Register Today to Book your seats!! 

Date & Day : 26th November – Saturday 
Timings :  9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Venue: ‘Nalanda’, Yugay Mangal Complex, Opp. Gandhi Lawns, above ‘MORE’ Supermarket, Mehendale Garage Road, Pune-411038, Maharashtra. 
Registration Charges: Rs. 1750/- per head     
Special Offer – 1250/- per head on two or more bookings together. *Breakfast, Tea and Lunch included. Avail this Opportunity and Grab your seat before anybody else utilizes it!!! 
Contact Number:  7767904499  


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Pallavi06 November 2016
Please let me know if there is any such programs held in Mumbai