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Master Your Brain: Neuroscience for ‘Personal Development
 Most of our brain is fully developed during our childhood years. The events which transpire during these initial years, which we often forget about, get stored in our unconscious mind, which make up 95 percent of our brain.  The unconscious mind is what is responsible for all the times you find yourself in situations that you would rather not be in or you end up reacting in an emotionally immature way.  And since it is part of our unconscious mind, we never know what situations or instances in life will trigger such reactions from us. 

                  But the situation is not bleak.  With scientific breakthroughs and research in the area of brain development and brain re-wiring, we can get back in control of ourselves and our lives. Most of our life is filled with habits.  If you take a look at the daily activities you perform, you will find that you are rarely present and the actions are simply just habits.  Take for example driving home from work, you drive the same route, at the same time daily.  It has become so routine that you are simply on auto pilot and you only slap out of it if the person in front of you suddenly slams the brake.  This immediately wakes you from your slumber and you slam your brakes and feel angry at the fool in front of you for rash driving. But up until that point you were just driving home using the same route you use daily and unless something new happens in your routine, you are simply functioning on auto pilot.

                  So, how do we wake ourselves up and start living our own lives and be in control of ourselves, instead of our unconscious mind being in the driver’s seat?  With advancements in neural science, experts from the field have started conducting classes and workshops to help individuals wishing to change their lives.  At present, there is an upcoming workshop being held on September 4th and being facilitated by Mr.Narendra Barhate, who is a neuroscience expert and an award-winning businessman.  His passion for psychology and its effect on the human behaviour is what propels him to change the lives of individuals with his valuable insights and lessons into changing our habits and becoming more self-aware, thereby living more consciously. 

                  By attending his workshop on September 4th  you can learn how to re-wire your brain by becoming aware of your unconscious trigger points.  Once you are aware of your unconscious triggers, you can easily change your existing habits and patterns into the ones that will have a more positive impact on your life. 
Some of the things you can expect to learn in this workshop are:·       
  • What Neuroplasticity is, how it impacts habit formation and our behaviour and how to change our brains using this knowledge. 
  • We can create and change neural pathways by altering them or establishing new ones. We’ll look at what neural pathways are and how to change the neural associations in your brain.
  • We can create and change neural pathways by altering them or establishing new ones. We’ll look at what neural pathways are and how to change the neural associations in your brain.
  • How task avoidance is a habit, how it is created and reinforced and how we break the procrastination habit.     
  • How to develop new positive habits without willpower and how to identify triggers of bad habits.     
  • The effects of negative self-talk and patterns of faulty thinking.   
  • And many more.
Discover the changes that can occur in your life by applying the lessons from this workshop 

So that the next time you make a New Year’s Resolution, you will actually be motivated to follow thru and achieve the goals you set for your life.  Why wait now click the link - here and book your seat today .

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