Making Your Own Unique Perfume Posted By Amit

Making Your Own Unique Perfume
It’s a beautiful sunny day and you are sitting under a tree, having lunch, and the most intoxicating smell passes you by.  The scent is so appealing that it takes your attention from what you were doing and makes you look up to see what or who it was.  And at the end of the day, just before that moment when sleep descends, you remember that beautiful smell from earlier in the day, a truly unforgettable scent that has left a deep impression on you.  Is this the impression you want to leave on people? 

Yes!  So, let’s go out and buy some beautiful perfume?  No!  Why would you spend money buying perfume, when you can make your own signature scent by joining a perfume making hobby class?  Learn about the process of making your own perfume with base oils, top coats etc.  Experiment by mixing and matching different oils to create a scent that is completely and uniquely yours.  Oils, when combined with the oils of our skin, will produce a scent that is different for each individual.   So, test out which type of oils compliment you.  Create the most fragrant perfume that turns heads when you walk by.  Have people wondering what that scent was?  Shock them even more when you tell them, that it can’t be bought anywhere because you made your own signature scent. 

With over seven billion people on this Earth, you need to make your own mark.  Stand apart from the crowd and be a unique individual.  Why be a sheep amongst many, when you can roar like a Lion and stand apart and be seen for who you are, a truly majestic INDIVIDUAL.  Start your journey on developing your own individual persona, and a simple way to start is, making your own unique scent in a Perfume making Class.  

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