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Make Huggable Soft Toys
There can be no greater feeling than gifting someone joy.  Do you love seeing the faces of your loved ones faces light up when you give them a cute, adorable, plush soft toy animal?  So what can be better than that, right?

But there is something more you can do, that will bring you and the receiver, a greater happiness.  Imagine making a cute furry bear to gift your child.  The display of love and affection poured into that cute and furry bear, will be felt by your child and their joy will increase when they hear that you made it just for them.  So, I guess that is a better gift, isn’t it?

Ok, so that sounds great, but how are you going to learn to make a bundle of love and joy?  Again, the answer is easy.  Simply enroll in a soft toy making hobby class and learn the techniques to make a never ending supply of soft toys for your family and friends.  Okay, maybe not an endless supply, but you will definitely be able to make more than one, because you may discover there is nothing more rewarding, than seeing the expressions of joy on those little faces, when you gift them, adorable, soft toy creatures.  Huggable, soft toys made by you will be cherished by your child as they become keepsake mementos that they will treasure and pass down to their children. 

Add more happiness to your life and of those around you, by doing something as simple as joining a soft toy making class.  Everywhere we turn, technology surrounds us.  We have TV’s, computers, internet, mobile internet, Facebook and so on.  We seem to have forgotten how to enjoy life, relate to people and relax.  Take the first step to relax your mind and body, by enrolling in a hobby class that interests YOU.  You will find that somehow the burden of everyday life seems to have gotten lighter and you laugh more. “Why?” because you decided to take the time for yourself and do something you love, that enriching the lives of others as well. 

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Gauri27 June 2016
You can make soft toya? i never knew!