Learning Vedic Maths You Can Solve 263x5647= In under A Minute Posted By Swapnali

Learning Vedic Maths You Can Solve 263x5647= In under A Minute
Remember, those days in math class sitting there at your desk, wondering what in the world the teacher was talking about and watching the clock so that you could go outside and play with your friends?  Perhaps you didn’t just watch the clock for math class, but many of your other subjects as well.  So, why should we be surprised when our children feel the same way and express the same attitudes we held as a child.  
I remember my parents being so upset with me and lecturing me on how all the other children were doing so much better in their subjects and getting more marks than me.  This did not motivate me to try harder but only made me hate those other children.  Is this the technique you use with your children?  Comparisons and lecturing will not yield results when it comes to improving the marks of your children.  What they need is expert guidance and creative ways of learning, which makes learning fun, easy and interesting to them.  With the world so technologically advanced and rapid improvements happening to our ways of life via technology and the internet, shouldn’t our methods for teaching the young also improve?  
Vedic maths class is such a method, that is gaining popularity among those in the education sector. There are special coaching and tuition classes designed to teach your children in creative ways and methods that will make absorbing and retaining the lessons and information easier.  Learning the secrets of Vedic math allows your child to solve complex math problems in less than a minute.  This speed boosts your child’s confidence for math and increases their self-esteem.  They will no longer feel like there is something wrong with them for not understanding, instead, they will feel intelligent, which will give them the confidence to approach other academic subjects with a positive attitude.
By enrolling your child in a Vedic maths class, he/she will be able to tell you in such a surprisingly short amount of time that the answer to the above questions is 1,485,161 and they will learn to calculate this answer in their head.  Amazing isn’t it?  So, instead of lecturing your child into getting better marks, enrol them in Vedic maths class and they WILL improve their marks.  And all that will have left to say is “I’m so proud of you beta/betee”.  

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