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Learning The Circle Of Life
The circle of life can be described in 7 parts.  The first stage, as small children, we play.  The second stage as adolescents we learn.  We get married in the third stage and have children in the fourth stage.  Making money and collecting assets belongs to the fifth stage of life.  During the sixth stage of life, we start traveling the world and see new places.  After living a full life, we finally rest peacefully at the seventh stage and hopefully your circle of life ends here.  
The best age for learning is during the second stage of life during the ages of 8 – 16, the most important school years.  During this time the mind is like a sponge absorbing everything it sees and hears.  So making sure your children make full of their potential during this time is crucial for their future growth, development, and well-being.  There are so many classes available for children today ranging from math, science, reading, writing etc.  Allowing your children to explore all these classes and see where their interests lie is essential in shaping the paths they will take in life.
Enrolling your children in these academics courses that are aimed at improving their learning in school, will give your child the added advantage they need and also build and increase their self-confidence.  A child who is confident in understanding and retaining the lessons taught will approach learning new things with a more positive attitude.  Being confident and developing a positive attitude towards learning from this young age will shape the person they will become in the future.  A person, who will be more courageous to take risks in life and their career simply because they are confident in themselves and their ability.  It is not arrogance, but confidence based on logical reasoning and critical thinking.  So, give your children what was not available to you by enrolling them in kids’ academics classes, which will shape who they become in life.  

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