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Learn to Defend Yourself
We almost keep listening in the NEWS about crimes taking place in big cities and metros and a lot about child trafficking, eave teasing, pocket loots, chain snatching etc. Where one is helpless to fight or catch thieves or hooligans. Hearing a lot on such stuff parents get worried about their kids as well as leaving them alone in these cities.

More often people are worried about girl child even in the twenty first century we are not safe. The mentality of people cannot be filtered or refined, the orthodox patterns about girls are still same. Girls are no where safe, its just not about teens or young girls also too young girls are facing the same danger. Even boys are kidnapped for trafficking and other reasons. Every year we hear thousands of such cases.

People keep on blaming government and cops for such things continuously, but do we play our part? Do we keep check proper check on the routine of our child, whom he is meeting, how the maids at day care are treating kids, the faculties which seem so nice to us are they taking care of child’s mental health, or at bus stops how many people have an eye on kids? Is their anyway to assure safety of kids?

One may not have a twenty four hour eye on the dear ones, but one may follow few practices to at least make their kids mentally and physically strong to face such situations.There are special theoretical trainings organized for kids where they they are taught to face such kind of situations, also mock drill are performed for their practice.

One more step which helps our kids to be physically strong is to follow a good diet and exercise, the exercise may depend on the activity of sport or hobby or workout or we also get our kids can join martial arts classes in pune, Taekwondo, Karate etc. Where they learn to fight for them, be emotionally strong and becoming tougher for the next one or any such emergencies.

Hundreds of classes are available for the ease and growth of people. One may find out easily without scrolling pages on internet, just have a look at Classboat page, you will find your one.   

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