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Learn To Be The Best Parent With Parenting Classes
Before you can drive on the road, you need to pass a drivers exam. Then only can you get your license to drive on the road. Even then, we have rash, unsafe drivers.  Why do we need to take a test before we can drive?  Simple, without proper training, you could be a danger to yourself and others on the road.  A life, can be lost with bad and unsafe driving. 

So, what about bringing a child into this world?  You are responsible for the life that you create also.  To love him/her unconditionally, guide them, be a friend and give loving discipline when needed.  But there is no test to see if you are fit or ready to be a parent but there are classes you can take to prepare you for parenthood.

Shouldn’t you as a responsible person and do everything you can to make sure you are a good parent to your child?  Unless you have had kind loving parents, then perhaps you may know instinctively how to be a good parent, but even then that is not guaranteed.  All parents, as soon as they set their eyes upon their newborn child, they want nothing but the best for their child, but we end up making mistakes anyways.  By taking the first step and joining a parenting class you are already telling your child, “how I raise you is important to me”. 

The first seven years of a child’s life are the most important developmental years.  The events which occur during these initial years will set the pattern of behavior for the rest of their lives. Which is why as adults, we sometimes act just like children.  Something that happened in our childhood will trigger the same emotional response.  For example, if you had a very strict father and were afraid of him.  Then any male authority figure might transport you back emotionally to your childhood self.  These things all happen in our subconscious mind. We may not even be aware of it. We may just feel, I don’t like that man, but be completely unaware of the real deeply hidden reasons for our reactions. 
I have seen all kinds of parents, some kind n loving and others that make you wonder why they even had children.  My neighbor, has a grown daughter, but even today, she will run behind her urging her to eat before leaving for the office.  And the daughter will run around busy getting ready, while the mother runs after her with dal rice, feeding her.  It is such a lovely sight to see, the love between mother and daughter.  This is why the daughter, even though she works in the city, goes back to visit her parents every weekend, without fail.  She grew up in such a loving home that she can’t imagine being away from her parents. 

I’ve seen the other extreme also.  A mother and son:  the mother was teaching her son how to ride a bicycle. An important rite of passage for all children, learning to ride a bicycle.  Of course we fall and get hurt and cry, but we get right back up.  In this instance, the son was happily, but nervously riding his bicycle and of course he stumbled and fell.  He would jump back, when his cycle fell, so he wouldn’t get hurt. A natural response.  I was shocked to see the mothers’ reaction to this. She took hold of his ear and dragged him up and yelled at him for falling and jumping off the cycle when he was losing control.  I couldn’t understand, why she was even teaching him, if she didn’t have the patience for it.  What kind of lessons is she setting in him?  Imagine, him a grown man, maybe he will try to be perfect in everything and run himself tired because he is afraid of failure.  Why, because his mother was not understanding in a simple thing, as learning a bicycle.  He may feel unworthy, whenever he fails at anything.  But is he really?  Is he unworthy of love because he failed?

We are all born with such great potential and if raised with loving, caring and understanding parents, then we grow into the same.  We are better humans, understanding of others feelings, feel confident about ourselves, have a self-awareness of what we like and don’t like, what is right for us and not. 

Shouldn’t we as parents, make sure we equip ourselves for handling such a huge responsibility, as that of raising a little human being. Take the necessary steps and sign up for parenting classes and equip yourself with the knowledge on proper parenting. While giving and receiving the support of other parents and learning tips from each other.  This way the future generation will be filled with kind, compassionate people, because their parents, took the time to learn how to raise beautiful human beings. 

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