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Learn To Be An Energy Healer And Change Lives
I once had a demo session with a reiki healer. And at that time, I had no idea what Reiki healing was.  All I knew was that sometime during the process, my body totally went thru, what felt like a jolt of energy, that made me jump on the bed I was lying in.  I still can’t tell you what she did to me because I myself don’t know.  All I know was that it felt like I was floating on air that whole night and had the most peaceful sleep ever.  That was my one and only experience with an energy healer.                

Recently, my friend, she signed up for a healing session with an energy healer, who was not only an expert but loving as well.  My friend had a few sessions with her and her life was transformed, to say the least.  Whatever suppressions or trauma she had from her childhood years, which I still don’t know about, were cleansed and she felt completely free.  The healer manipulated the energies surrounding her and cleansed her from the inside out.  Her chakras which were blocked from the traumatic experiences from her childhood began to flow again.  And you knew, just by looking at her, that something special had happened, and that modern science would never be able to explain it.  Her face changed. She had a glow and softness about her, that was not there before.  Many people started coming up to her and though they couldn’t put their finger on it, they saw that she was different.

Most people do not know about the healing power of the energies that surround us.  These layers, when triggered by emotional trauma, become negative and our chakras also become blocked.  So, for example, if you are somebody who gets colds often, then the problem might be that your heart chakra is blocked.  But by going to an energy healer, you will get something no medical doctor can give.  A healer can rebalance your energy from a negative state to a positive one.  You don’t even have to reveal all your secrets to your healer.  Just by manipulating the energies/auras surrounding your body and chakras, they can remove those blocks and make you whole again, effortlessly and painlessly. 

But becoming an energy healer is no light thing.  It must be treated with the respect it deserves, for the healer must be in a positive and receiving state when giving sessions.  You need to learn to be in a meditative state so that you can be sensitive to the patient’s needs.  All healers must be able to sense the subtle energies that are causing the difficulties in the patient. But more importantly, you must also know how to protect yourself, so that when cleansing and rebalancing the energy fields of the person, you don’t absorb it onto yourself.  So, if you are considering becoming an energy healer, make sure you do your homework.  Research it and find the best school/classes available.  Learn from experts who can teach you all the tools and techniques you will need, to not only heal others but protect yourself also.  And when you decide on the classes to take, make sure you complete all the levels of training so that you can master your chosen medium of healing.  Whether you choose to become a reiki healer or a crystal energy healer or colour therapy.  Choose the one that feels right to you, because the most important thing about this type of healing is to be acutely aware and sensitive to feelings.  So be aware of your own first before embarking on this career path, because the job of healing people both physically and emotionally, can be the most rewarding career, if done properly with the right educational foundation. 

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