Join A Calligraphy Class & Learn To Express Your Affections With Words Posted By Annalakshmi

Join A Calligraphy Class & Learn To Express Your Affections With Words
A beautiful Sunday evening, sitting in your garden, with a cup of hot tea and writing a beautiful handwritten note to a dear friend.  When was the last time you took the time to just slow down?

In today’s fast paced world, we are constantly bombarded with images and information.  Most people have forgotten what it’s like to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  What’s worse is, today’s younger generation has no idea what it's like to be “unplugged”.  But all is not lost.  Get back to simpler, slower times, by joining this hobby class of Calligraphy.  Spend a few hours out of your week and learn how to write beautifully Crafted words. 

Parents and children can come together by learning something exquisite, while also creating everlasting memories.  Or perhaps, a hobby class is just what you need to escape from your life. To take the time to enjoy yourself, while exploring your artistic side.  The beautiful thing about writing Calligraphy is that it has the power to transform your life to a leisurely pace because this art form requires you to slow down in order to write those stunningly crafted letters.  

So, let technology aid you in finding a calligraphy class in a suburb of Pune, close to your home.  Enroll in this hobby class, so that the next time you wish to thank your friends or family, you will have the tools to express your gratitude through beautifully crafted words. The person looking at these exquisite notes, will feel truly loved, by the special attention you shower upon them by having taken the time to write to them.  Not just written words, but words of elegant beauty. 
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aakansha23 June 2016
True and nice one! Thanks to the writer!!
Amit23 June 2016
Wonderful blog , will definitely find time to join calligraphy class with my son