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Innovative Teaching At Little Teddy’s Playschool
Every parent when they gaze upon their newborn for the first time vow to never let anything bad happen to their cherished baby.  We want them to have the best of everything, have every opportunity to live a happy and successful life and to feel loved and cared for, growing up.  When it comes for our little baby to start preschool, we have trouble letting them go as this will be the first step they take in starting to live their life independently.  However, we still let them go with a sad heart knowing that it is for the best.  But how much thought and research do you put into the playschool they join?  Do you simply enroll them in the school closes to you or do you try to find the best place for them, a preschool they can thrive, grow and develop in.  
If you look at many of the playschools that exist around the city, you will find the children go there to play, eat and sleep.  They learn the alphabet and numbers through rote learning. In other words, through memorization, which will be the method of learning throughout their school years.  Recently, we are have heard about and read about how the present education system and its methods of teaching are not helping the children.  But the changes that will need to happen will take time and with the way things work with the government and politics, who knows how long that will take.  In the meantime, what will happen to your precious child?

There is a new type of learning called Jolly phonics aimed specially for preschoolers, as young as one year of age, developed in the UK.  Here children will learn the alphabet but not by memorization.  Jolly phonics uses the sounds of words to help children to learn to read and write.  They will learn 42 letter sounds which will help in them in accelerating their reading, writing and spelling skills and improve their vocabulary.  Starting from step one they will learn to use logical reasoning, rather than parroting and memorization, which is an incorrect way to learn.  Children need to be taught to think, absorb and come up with unique individual answers, not textbook answers through memorization. 

So, your precious child to whom you promised to give every available opportunity to can now be enrolled in Little Teddy’s Playschool, taught by Ms. Geeta, with over twenty years of experience for teaching preschoolers, from the UK and the Middle East.  Make the right choice for your child by enrolling them in the best possible playschool there is that will enhance their learning and development.  

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