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In Pursuit Of Success And Happiness
Monday mornings when I go into the office, I greet every one of my co-workers even the office boy.  We are a small company, so it doesn’t take much time.  I ask them about how they are and how their weekend was and so on like this.  I love walking into my office with a huge smile on my face and greeting everyone and spending that short time getting to know about them and their lives.  It’s the human touch in a corporate environment.  We all have a longing and need to connect with one another.  It satisfies something deep within us.  So no matter how stressed out your day becomes you have someone to share it with, who will listen to you without judgement and just give you a hug if you need it.  This, my dear friends, is what is called “Soft Skills”.  

The city is crawling with hundreds of personality development classes in pune, such as one of the many classes Mr. Chandrasekhar(BM) runs, , which you can find on Classboat, that teach you everything from business communication, personal grooming, English skills, teamwork, building a positive attitude and much more.  So, where did this need come from?  When did having these soft skills become important all of a sudden?  What did people do before these personality developments classes existed?

A couple of decades ago, things were simpler and the economy was not as global as it is today.  In order to get along with one another in the office or get promoted, you did your job, learnt from the older generation about your job, the people and your boss.  Today, however, we live in a global economy, where we are no longer just interacting within our own communities, cities, or even country.  Sure, there were companies that existed on a global scale before, but not as many as there is today.  With so many countries, cultures, traditions, and languages, there needs to be a common language in which we communicate in and common practices we all adhere to.  So, the need for personality development classes in pune and developing soft skills has arisen.  

I went through several soft skills training programs during my first few jobs.  They were real eye-openers for me.  I was taught how to write emails, appropriate dress codes, code of conduct, manners, attitude etc.  A decade later, these work/life lessons are a part of me.  What started out as survival tips and techniques for working in, building and maintaining a positive office environment, are now a part of who I am.  That is the secret to these personality development classes.  They teach you how to be human again.  Saying “please” n “thank you” become a part of your personality.  They are no longer just manners.  So, when I walk into my office and ask my co-workers “how they are”, I actually want to know.  It’s taught me to care about the people in my small world.  By getting to know them and they you, you build relationships that will connect you together for many years to come, based on friendships and mutual respect for each other.  The real life proof lies in this fact; I can go back to any one of my previous jobs and ask my managers/superiors to hire me back and they will.  In fact, every job I have had in my short career has resulted in my managers telling me, upon my exit, that they would gladly welcome me back with open arms if I wanted to return.  Therefore, the soft skills you can learn in personality development skills will add to your existing skill set, making you a better employee that is more likely to get promoted.  So, to freshers and those already in your careers, find a best personality development courses in pune and get trained in the essential soft skills necessary for not just your work life, but skills that will blend into who you are and make you human again, so that everyone you come across in life, you meet in friendliness.  The secret to success, in both your life and career, is not just hard work, but hard work with a smile.   

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