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Impact of Power Dressing
Imagine! During a corporate meeting one of the Board of Director enters the Room wearing Sky Blue coloured, half sleeves Shirt with Beach print, 3-4th sized bottoms and casual gliders… What impression the remaining Team will have by this attire? The perfect attire we assume for such kind of meeting can be a Formal Suit or a Formal Shirt with a decent Tie and plain trouser. Isn’t It? This is the Impact of Right Dressing or Power Dressing. What we wear is the type of personality we reflect. Formal attire changes the basic way we see the world.  

“Style says who you are without speaking”. Work dress codes create a impression on others mind later, first it makes the impression of oneself feeling confident and professional. Why we see a Doctor wearing a White Apron always, a Lawyer with a Black Coat, Chef with a puffy hat and apron,
professionals and corporates in suits, Army officers with respective uniform? Each dress code has its own impact and image. 

Researchers have proved that people who wear more Daring Outfits are perceived as more attractive and individual which could be more advantageous in creative industries. People always make assumptions on what you look like including your dressing sense, it’s a hidden fact!

The best example of Power dressing we can see in movies, every character is dressed according to his role and personality, which lets audience to have faith in the character as they are plotted.

“Dress Shabbily; people remember the Clothes. Dress Impeccably people remember the Person.” You don’t have to be a Fashionista to always make impact by your dressing, but dressing should reinforce professionalism.  

A good dressing gives you more authority, a different level of thinking and long lasting Impression. Create one by joining 
personality development classes in pune and captivate your space in people’s mind!

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