IT Classes For Happiness? Posted By Lakshmi

IT Classes For Happiness?
Like many parents, my father wanted me to enter the booming IT field.  So my father signed me up for an Information Technology Program, which would lead me on the path to a financially successful career, upon completion.  And what do you think happened?  Well, since I’m sitting here writing blogs, maybe the answer is obvious.  My talents did not happen to be in programming or designing or anything related to the entire IT world.  In fact, I found the idea of spending countless hours sitting in front of a computer, to be my worst nightmare.  So, today I write and I LOVE it.  I completely get lost in whatever I am writing and my heart is happy, which naturally means I am a happier person for doing something I love.                 

But I have met others, who absolutely LOVED programming, designing or whatever else it is IT’ians do.  I recently met a graduate, who was completely passionate about becoming a programmer. For him staring at codes all day and developing it, was his dream come true.  He didn’t want to be a manager or move up in the company in the administration line.  No, he wanted to be the best programmer there was.  He wanted to be a part of creating something through coding.  So, how is that different, from all the other people who discover their creativity thru other mediums? It’s not!  The excitement and joy he feels when he is programming, is the same as what I feel when I write. You can find best programming language classes in pune on  

So, if you love computers and the IT field, then the answer to what career path you should take has to be obvious to you.  Whether you feel exhilarated from coding, designing websites or creating 3D animations, the important thing is that you choose a career that will add happiness to your life.  So start browsing through all the IT classes that are available, from dot net classes in pune, website design classes in pune or graphic design classes in pune so on, to see what peaks your interest. 

And my interest in IT is, the end product. So, to all the programmers and designers that created my favorite online shopping site, I am deeply grateful to you.  I completely appreciate what you have done to make my life easier.  So, keep doing what you love doing and I shall do the same. 

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