I am on my way... Posted By Amit Giri

I am on my way...
‘I am on my Way…’ It’s been long time that I have been implying many of my friends to write blogs or contents or posts. Prompting them to write and I would make it preeminent by broadcasting it. Few of them started, I, as well helped them in sharing their contents to as many social media as possible. Though I never thought, even I could do the same.   ‘Influencing factor - LinkedIn…’ Since few months, the idea of writing blogs or a post has been popping up in my mind like anything. One of the huge influencer is LinkedIn. My heart and soul have been forcing me, convincing me frequently…. “Why not me? Why can’t I write something and post it? Let’s see the reflex of my network. After all, miracle happens on earth only. Anyways, I am not here to strive in some writing competition, I am not expecting any award for it. I am here with my candidacy. Just start… jot down your thoughts… and post it.”   ‘I know myself…’ I am a bit slow learner, but definitely not a quitter. It takes time for me to learn things, to achieve goals, to get answers to my queries, but I do get it and that’s for sure. Even my life has helped me in the same. Whatever questions I asked to my life, being in its catechism or out, I got all answers… now or later. It has never disappointed me. This happened since childhood. Few answers I got in my teens, few after it, some after the age of 30+, though I asked in my childhood. It taught me that there are few queries whose answer we get when the right time comes.   ‘Every morning I wake up with my dream…’ I never thought of doing something on my own or of my own. Experience teaches many things when education fails. Being an average student since childhood, my education might have missed to fulfill many of my dreams; however, my experience has always taught me to achieve my goals, my target, and my ambition. It taught me to follow, religiously, the instinct within. Every day, I am a step ahead towards my destiny of #BeingEntreprenuer.

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