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How To Write Movies That Will Become Immortal
Some of the most famous and treasured movies are those that somehow managed to capture a place in our hearts.  Stories that reflected real life, human journeys and emotions that took us to great heights as well as depths.  Many of these movies started out with a person sitting with a pen n paper and just brainstorming ideas or scribbling down their thoughts.  Then there are those movies that are adapted from real life stories.  Script writing course in pune offers training and skills required to become a successful script writer.
Today, you don’t have to pen the next great novel to get your story published or made into a movie. Take, for example, Julia & Julia, a movie based on the real-life chef, Julia Child, and a woman, Julia Powell, on a mission to cook Child’s 524 recipes in 365 days.  This motion picture, was the first of its kind, to be based on a blog, making history.  A movie that had great success, earning triple what it cost to make, and all based on a blog of a woman, Julia Powell.
Many of us have journals that we record our daily lives in.  If we were to take a look at these journals several years later, you are probably going to find something interesting that even you learn from.  Imagine sharing your experiences with others who might be going through the same situation right now and could use the support and guidance of somebody who has been there and has survived it.  Starting a blog today is no difficult task.  Simply sign up on any one of the many free blog sites and start sharing your ideas and thoughts, which many people do.Enroll in script writing course in pune

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But, if you want to really make a difference, you must learn to write something that moves people.  Taking a simple thing from your life and weaving a web of words that traps the reader in your grasp.  This is not just great writing, but storytelling.  Take a good look at many of the famous movies from around the world and you will find an author behind it, who has injected their own life experiences into their writing and their characters, which is the reason why the book went on to be made into a movie.  In order to write an original script or even an adapted screenplay, one must be able to not just write, but be able to take the reader into the lives of the characters which they are reading about and be able to feel and relate to it as if it were happening to them.  For this magical transference to happen, you must first have the passion for writing, everything else can be taught and learned in a script writing course in pune.

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