How To Help Other People Get Rich Posted By Lakshmi

How To Help Other People Get Rich
When I was in the 11th grade, in my economics class, we were taught about the stock market and then given a one-week assignment on playing the stock market.  We were assigned in groups of 4-5 and had to pick 3 or 4 stocks to buy, with the pretend money we were given to start with.  We would read the paper every day, which listed how well or bad our stocks were doing and then respond by either selling or buying more.  The things we were taught about the stock market are very foggy if I think about it today.  I just remember learning about bear and bull markets and how to read the index.  At the end of the week, we lost all of our money and that was our lesson.  I think only one team actually came out with a profit.  So, it was not like we were alone in losing all of our pretend money.  Nevertheless, it was a fun exercise.  
Years later, after starting my career, my husband and I decided it was time to start being smart about our money and decided to invest in some low-risk stocks and a few high-risk ones, because, I liked the thrill of the risk, just like any high stakes poker player might.  It was my small adventure.  We even had a financial adviser at the bank who directed us on stocks to invest in and sent us quarterly reports on how our stocks were doing, which we didn’t read much.  Just a few lines about how much we were making or if we were losing any money.
After some years, we pulled out and diverted our funds and changed our savings schemes.  But investing in stocks didn’t hurt us nor did we make much either.  Now, the reason, we even decided to invest some of our money in stocks, was not because of my minuscule knowledge from high school, but because we had a very competent and knowledgeable financial adviser who explained everything to us and helped us make the right choices.  She was very patient and explained all the complicated details in a normal language and so the whole process was smooth and easy.  
At present, in India, the trend of investing in the stock market and mutual funds, is relatively new and as such, there is a huge demand in the financial sector for those who are keen on entering this industry.  If you have an eye for detail and have been a numbers oriented person, becoming a financial adviser or even stock broker, might be the career choice for you.  All you would need to do is take the right stocks and trading classes in pune to give you the knowledge and enter into this growing field, either working in bank, at the stock exchange or opening your own consultancy business to help those, like us, who need guidance from people who know what they are doing, who will keep our money safe and hopefully make us a little or a lot richer.  So, start taking stocks and trading classes in pune and enter this exciting field for all of you who LOVE money, numbers and don’t mind making other people rich.  

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