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How To Get The Job You Want
It’s 10:30am and you are sitting in a lounge with several others who are dressed neatly as you are.  While you are nervous and tense, you feel pretty OK and then in walks....  A person dressed in the latest styles who looks and dresses with such confidence that you crumble inside.  You are now sure, without a doubt in your mind that you are “toast”.  You have no chance of getting the job, especially when you are competing with somebody “like that” with confidence, style, and the right attitude.  You hang your head and go through the motions of the interview, knowing full well that you are not going to get it.  So it’s not a surprise to you when your competitor gets the job over you. You feel dejected and go home to lick your wounds and perhaps try again another day for another job and hope that it will be better next time.  
But why should your interview end up like this?  The only difference between you and your competition is the belief you have in yourself and the preparation you put in for the interview.  I remember my first interview I went to.  It was for a part-time job so that I could make extra money when I was a student.  I was super nervous and so shy, the interviewer could barely hear my answers.  So it was no surprise that I did not get the job.  The next interview I had, however, was vastly different.  I took some interview prep classes and the teachers gave me tips and techniques to use before, during and after interviews.  Since I was a student, I couldn’t afford the super nice clothes, but I did have a nice blouse and pants, which I used for the interview. I prepared my resume and wrote out the answers to the most popular questions.  I practiced my answers, my handshake, making eye contact etc, all in front of my mirror so that I could see what I was doing.  

When it came time for my next interview, I spoke clearly and confidently and answered the questions as best as I could and when I didn’t have an answer because my mind went blank, I told the interviewer exactly that.  I told her my mind went blank and if we could skip forward, instead of sitting there trying to answer and looking foolish.  The honesty worked for me and I ended up getting the part time job.  The money I earned with this part-time, went towards buying a new set of clothes, ones that were stylish and portrayed the image of confidence.  

So, what made the difference between the first and second interview?
The lessons from the classes and the preparation I took, gave me the confidence to appear for the interview calmly and only a little nervous.  Having prepared my answers eased my tensions and anxieties during the interview, therefore I was able to communicate clearly.  This positive mental attitude gave me the confidence I needed for getting the job.  Since this interview, I have attended many more interviews for my career and I have yet to feel the same tension and anxiety as I did that very first interview because I had learned the secret to interviews. The only thing that is different between me and the competitor is the preparation I put in and the confidence I portray in presenting myself.  No matter, how badly you need the job, learning to prepare and staying cool during the interview process is key to giving a successful interview.  Also, a little appropriate humor during  the interview also helps differentiate between you and the rest of the candidates, which will make you memorable, thereby getting selected for the job you want.

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