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How Much Memory In Your Chosen Programming Language
Every corner of the world contains people who speak different languages, follow different customs, dress differently etc.  Every corner of my world contains people who all specialize in different languages.  These people in my life are not from different parts of the globe, but rather they all belong to the IT field and have done their education in computer science.  The languages each of these individuals in my life, chose varies from Java, PHP, dot net, C++ etc.  What makes a person choose one language over the other is simply a personal preference, just like when you decide to learn a new hobby.  Some may have an interest in learning the guitar and another in learning to bake. The same can be said for the programming language people choose to start with.  

My husband has told me stories, of how he used to spend his nights in the computer lab in his college, sometimes with his bed sheet and carry his toothbrush, comb etc. in his backpack. It cannot be a mistake that one of the most popular programming language  is called Java, which is the same for coffee. Those nights spent staying up late in front of your machine finishing your coding assignment in Java with a cup of Java in your hand.   Every computer science student has a similar memory that is filled with late nights in the lab with friends, food and of course coding.  But these are the memories with which we look back upon and smile.  While, the journey of earning your degree can be difficult with exams, assignments, professors, friendships and pressures of getting a job, it is all these things, which make us look back upon these moments with a smile on our face.  

I’ve asked my friends and family why they chose Java over .net, for example, and each one had the same answer, which was, it was easy. So, it cannot be said one language is definitely easier than another, but for some reason, it is easy for that individual.  So exploring each one of the many languages while earning your degree, will help you decide which direction to focus career in.  The experience of building your expertise will only come with the experience you develop from your job as a programmer.  But you can also develop your knowledge and expand your skills by joining programming languages classes in pune of your choice such as Java, C++ or .net for example.  Classboat has huge listing of  java classes in punedot net classes in punephp classes in pune and python classes in puneAdd more memories to your life and join your specialization course, where you will make even more friends and create new memories which you will look back upon later in life and smile over. 
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