How Do I Live A More Fulfilling Life? Posted By Anurag

How Do I Live A More Fulfilling Life?
Have you ever at times, perhaps in the middle of the night, when all is quiet, felt completely alone, an unconnected feeling, or a sadness of great depths?  We have all, I’m sure felt this at one point or another.  Why, do we feel this?  Sometimes life feels so perfect.  We can’t really see anything wrong. We have everything we could possibly WANT, need. But still an emptiness fills us.  Why? ·        
  • We have money
  • Well-paying job     
  • We have material comforts       
  • We have family n friends       
  • We enjoy shopping, movies, dining out…
What’s missing?                
Take a good look at the list above.  Do you see what’s missing?  Everything on this list perhaps is true, but nothing is focused on the key element, “YOU”.  What are you doing for yourself?  Focusing all your attention on the external and ignoring the internal, is the problem.  Think about the last time you were happy?  What were you doing?  What caused that happiness? Can you still feel that and recollect the exact emotion in detail?
Look Inside                
Doing what we love makes us happy.  If playing your guitar is what makes you happy, then that is what you should be doing.  But life gets in the way, doesn’t it?  We have jobs, responsibilities and roles to play.  But what about playing the main lead in your own life?  You know what I love to do?  The thing that fills me with joy and erases that emptiness and unconnected feeling?  I love to DANCE.  When I dance, I get completely lost in the music and I feel as if I’m floating on air.  My feet feel like they are no longer on the ground, that’s how light and free I become.  I can recollect this feeling, even as I type this.  I feel like I can feel everything around me, I can hear the bird that is singing on my balcony, the gentle breeze, the coolness of the ground….  I can remember everything.  I feel connected to the universe, God, call it what you want.  I feel connected to something more powerful than me, something that is full of love, a love that it willingly shares with me when I loose myself in my dance. 

Your Interest Will Connect You

So, start by thinking about what interests you.  Find out where your passion lies.  There are so many options in technology field like ethical hacking classes in pune, or cloud computing classes in pune. If you are of artistic nature then there is game designing classes in pune or graphic designing classes. Nowadays fashion designing and interior designing have become popular. Take demo class at fashion designing classes in pune or graphic designing classes in pune. Search top fashion designing colleges in mumbai on

Find out what takes you to the same place, I go to and then tell me if you still feel empty, unconnected.  Start seeing the same world transform before your eyes.  Start seeing the beauty that surrounds us daily.  And all you have to do is be open to it, by losing yourself  and allowing the universe to pour into you.  Simple, isn’t it?

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