Honey, I’m Home. What’s For Dinner? Posted By Mayuri

Honey, I’m Home.  What’s For Dinner?
It’s like Oprah said on one of her shows, “being a housewife is the toughest and thankless job.  You have to cook dinner every night AND cook something new and different from the previous night”.  It can be exhausting trying to keep your family happy with the food your prepare so that they are not bored and say “awwhhh... again!”.  It would be much easier on you if you could simply make dal rice and be done with it. But then you would also be bored with eating the same foods AND making the same kinds of foods can become boring and monotonous.  
Nobody knows better than a housewife, the multitude of things we handle, while our husbands are working hard to make money to keep the roof over heads and the food on the table, and our children are off in school learning so that they can have a bright future.  If you are like me, then you handle the day to day finances, call the plumber or electrician when things go wrong, listen and be supportive when your children and husband come home with their tales of the day, do the laundry, keep the house clean, wash the never ending pile of dishes and cook at the very least 3 square meals a day, and all different and new, so that the same foods are not repeated at least in one day and  you don’t hear, “this again”.  The kind of effort you put in daily into your family is not one that is visible or one that you brag about or complain about doing, it is simply part of the background.  A housewife is a steady fixture in the family, who is always there to lean on and give support when needed.  

A loving and caring mother and wife, who would do anything for her family so that they are happy.  And what is at the heart of every family, the meals. The fondest memories are those where we are surrounded by the people we love and eating delicious foods.  So being a housewife means learning to make new dishes.  With YouTube and the internet readily available these days, finding new recipes is easy.  So, with your already busy schedule, why should you bother going to a cooking class and learning what you can find online?  The answer is easy.  By going to a cooking class in pune and learning, you will be with other women who will know and understand what your life is like.  While learning to cook new and exotic dishes you can make friends whom you can lean on for support because they are just like you, loving and caring mothers and wives.  So, going to a top cooking class in pune means not only will you learn to make new dishes, which will make your family happy, but also creating new bonds of friendship with other women who understand what it is like to be YOU. 

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