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Hobby Classes For Happier And Smarter Children
My little niece is nine years old and already she speaks French, paints, dances and choreographs her own dances.  At such a young age, she is more talented than many adults I know.  Even more importantly, she has not been suffocated with academic demands and expectations, therefore, she still maintains that fresh childlike innocence and wonder.                

Today, the world is slowly changing to one where children don’t have to abide by strict rules or are bombarded with academics, which kills their natural growth and innocent spirit.  More and more today’s parents see the importance of taking advantage of the many activities/hobbies that are available for children to participate in.  There have been several scientific studies which show a direct relationship between children who are allowed to explore a wide variety of activities and the increase in proper development of both sides of the brain.

Our right side of the brain is our creative centre and the left side is responsible for logical thinking and reasoning.  In the past, we have seen people who are either creative or logical and scientific, but rarely both.  But this scenario is slowly changing.  Studies have shown a direct correlation between children who take up music classes or painting classes, for example and improved academic scores.  The perfect time to learn new skills is in our childhood during the first seven years, when our absorption capacity is at its greatest for learning.  The next seven years are vital to developing those skills.  By allowing our children to pursue their interests in playing the violin, for example, you can ensure proper development of both sides of the brain. 

Why is this important?  When both sides of the brain are developing at an equal rate, the signals that pass between the two are clearer and stronger, increasing your child’s capacity to pick up and retain any information he/she learns.

But more importantly, a child who is allowed to explore their natural curiousness for life and all that it has to offer, is going to grow up to be a better person.  Take my niece, for example, she choreographs dance moves, which she teaches to her mom.  But that is the not the surprising thing.  Every time, my sister, her mom gets it right, she congratulates her mom for getting it right and encourages and supports her during the process.  Where did this compassion and understanding come from?  We are born as loving and compassionate individuals.  But society has suffocated many of its young, so that they were not able to develop properly and their “niceness” was something learnt and taught.  Manners and sophisticated behaviour were the norms.  But scratch the surface and you will find an unhappy person inside.

But a child who is allowed to grow naturally will retain that loving compassion they are born with, which gives me hope for a better future.  A future where people are kinder and loving towards not only each other but our beautiful planet as well, by not creating wars and pollution.   Because they are not concerned with money and power, but creating a beautiful place to live that is filled with kindness and compassion.  Don’t you want that also?  Don’t you want that future for your children and grandchildren?

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