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Hobbies That Make You Smarter
 Hobby is an inclination towards your creative outlet that derives your spare time. They allow you to do something that’s just for you, which can help you get into that trance state where you tend to forget all your worries and revitalize to enjoy what gives you a lot of pleasure. But unfortunately in this modern era, most people consider Watching TV or chatting on WhatsApp or catching up on Facebook as their hobby. Today let me tell you about those hobbies which have a great influence on your intelligence that will make you smarter.

1) Engage In Reading
 It’s the best way to become smarter because hard copies or e-books are readily available and you can read whatever you like from so many different topics. Books are a medium of enhancing your knowledge on a subject which help you to experience multiple emotions and reduces stress while reading. Thus being more productive in making yourself better which in turn increases your intelligence level.

Learning A New Language
In the process of learning a new language there are various tasks involved such as analyzing grammatical structure, learning new words and able to read and write. To grasp all these factors one by one it requires a sharp mind. But once you acquire any of the factor it increases your brain health thus making you smarter than the other people. It’s scientifically proven that people having high level of verbal linguistic intelligence are prodigious at planning, decision making and problem solving. Try french language classes in pune or german language classes in pune.

Cook Different Type Of Meals
Cooking is an art where you get to learn multitasking, precision and quick decision making power. In this due process your creativity also heightens along with your attention to details and quality. Thus making you a smarter and happier person while cooking variety of meals for your loved ones.

Learn To Meditate
The most important benefit of meditation is that it helps you to focus which in turn helps to find your true self i.e. finding about your strength and weaknesses. As meditation reduces stress it makes your mind more clam and composed which helps you to learn, think and plan efficiently thus transcending you into a higher state of being with improved intelligence.

Learn To Play An Instrument
Through several different researches it has been proved that music stimulates brain along with emotions and learning to play a musical instrument increases memory capacity, patience, perseverance and concentration. Thus with increased levels of all the above factors makes you a smarter person.
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 Involve In Writing

Writing is all about giving words to your imagination. While doing so your skills like focus, creativity, imagination and comprehension increases considerably. Thus learning to express yourself through words is a great way to increase your intelligence.

Participate in Sports Activity
Participating in sports activity not only flexes your muscles but also your brain which in turn enhances your responsiveness, co-ordination, capabilities and confidence.Thus regularly involve in some form of sports to improve your brain performance.

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