HOW RUDE ARE YOU In Your Emails? Posted By Amit

HOW RUDE ARE YOU In Your Emails?
You’re working in a fast paced and challenging MNC.  You love your job and your team members.  You quickly shoot an email to the person sitting across from you regarding the project you are working on, instead of just getting up and walking over to talk to him/her.  Does this sound like you?  Forget about talking to each other in an office or even sharing a joke with your colleague.  It’s all about emails today.  With workplaces working in pin drop silences, where nobody talks above a whisper and instead sends smiley faces when they want to laugh.  
The modern work environment relies heavily on digital forms of communication. While this may be sad, it is the reality of the workplace.  This being said, you must learn how to communicate properly via emails so that you are understood clearly and also because you are leaving a trail of your own words that can be followed, unlike verbal communications, which can be  the case of he said/she said. 

So, what is proper email etiquette?

Email etiquette is the same as if you were standing in front of the person with whom you are talking to.  So, when you are sending an email it is the same process. You greet the person and then tell them the reason you are emailing and whatever information you wish to convey and once this is done, you give them your contact information if necessary and thank them if needed and end your conversation/email with a closing.  

When you receive an email where the sender is conveying some piece of information or requesting something, the proper procedure is to respond to the sender because otherwise, it is equivalent to not responding to the person, just like if you were having the conversation verbally. Imagine standing there and the person does not respond and stays mute. How would you feel?  You would either think the person was stupid or get angry that they refused to acknowledge what you are saying, thereby disrespecting you and whatever you were trying to convey to them.  This is the basics, from which you build upon.  Learning to write emails properly involves much more, which can easily be learned.  So, the next time you need to email the co-worker sitting across from you, remember to not use caps lock because that is the equivalent of shouting.  So send your smiley faces when you want to laugh, but remember to do so using proper email etiquette.  

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Pallavi09 August 2016
Great This is very useful information to share with office staff to follow. Surely we will add to our training.