Glued To The Most Tragic News Stories? Posted By Aditi S.

Glued To The Most Tragic News Stories?
Turn on the TV and you are bound to come upon the countless news channels all reporting of some terror attack, murder, violence, theft etc.  When was the last time you watched the news and they reported a heart warming human interest story.  In fact, all news channels know that terrible news gets more ratings from viewers then beautiful news stories, which should make you wonder why, we as people, are more interested in tuning in and hearing about the terrible things that happen, rather than good things.  
I remember when the Mumbai blasts happened my neighbours were glued to the television set like I’ve never seen before.  They were not people who watched a lot of TV to begin with, but the news of the blasts had them watching TV the whole day long. Or when the tsunami hit Indonesia, they were again glued to their television set, watching everything happening and saying things like, “oh my god, how terrible.” But they never did once want to not turn off the TV.  Now, of course when a terrible thing happens we want to know about it, but why is it news viewer ratings skyrocket when tragedies occur? It seems to say something more about who you are underneath, your character. Why is it we are attracted to the terrible news of tragedies?  
Now, I don’t know human psychology nor have I studied it, so I don’t have an answer.  But It does make me wonder about why people love to talk about and see the terrible things that happen? Just think about it, when was the last time you shared good news or happy news that happened somewhere, and compare that to the number of times you shared horrible or bad news.  Is it because there is not enough good things happening in our life or is our life just filled with daily mundane activities that are not very interesting.  So, therefore, we have nothing to share that is worthwhile.  But imagine if you started doing something different like getting together with your friends to learn how to make uniquely crafted handbags, for example.  You would definitely spend the time now, discussing the things you were learning and the excitement of learning something new. So instead of spending your time between work and home, imagine getting together with a few friends and learning how to play tennisNow you and your buddies can have fun discussing what you are learning, your strategies and just having fun playing and learning.  
So, the next time you see a tragedy on the news, watch it, so you know what kinds of things are happening, but don’t spend your time glued to the television set.  This fascination with tragedies only amplifies the negative energy already surrounding the situation, so watch it and then move on with your life and create a more positive energy at least around your small world, consisting of friends and family.  Now, instead of a ripple effect of negative energy spreading, a more positive energy will spread.  So, if we all simply made the time to create more positive things in our life, the more positive energies our life will be filled with.  Hopefully this offers a different perspective, one that you can try and see if it makes a difference in your life by creating more positivity and love .  You really have nothing to lose by trying, now do you?

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