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Get In Touch with Touch
As I woke up today I picked up my cellphone after hearing the notification bells, I went through the feeds and scrolling down one by one I came to whatsapp where I had some seventy three conversations from just four or five chats pending to be read. I opened the chats, few of them contained group messages conveying greeting for the day and some were the personal messages from my aunt residing in Australia containing videos and snaps of their kids.

I suddenly stopped and gave a thought to the moment that how amazing it is that on just one touch we get connected to our distant relatives and friends whether even separated by national boundaries. I can call my aunt anytime even we do video chat and I can see live that what she cooking or what her kids are wearing or how is the interior of her house etc., she too can look at my stuff mean while.

If we look back few years there was a time people used make trunk calls once in six months which used to cost so high, either the call goes or comes, the whole family awaits the moment and only few words could be uttered because of high call rates. And now we can see the difference after emergence of internet in our daily routines, we are just a touch away. 

This all has been possible through computer networking, where the network of computers or data is exchanged with other data links. This networking has only enabled reducing distance in countries so as to get instantly connected to one another. In twenty first century, we were introduced by facebook where it all started, which led to the introduction of so many applications and softwares accessed via smart phones. Blackberry messenger, whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, hike, skype, imo, viber took place in our phones so fast in competition with each other in tech market.
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Well with the progress in Tech and IT sectors, the common man is getting benefited with more options and lesser the cost. Another benefit of new apps emerging is that later the app arrives, lesser is the size of it, which is easy to download it between another apps like of online banking, book my show, shopping apps etc.

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