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French Language Indian Cord
Ton sourire m’ensorcelle, Je suis fou de toi, Le désir coule dans mes veines, Guide par ta voix. Unable to read? But you must have heard these French lyrics recently may be a minute ago or few hours or a day. These lyrics are the initiatives of the most prevailing bollywood song ‘Nashe Si Chad Gayi’ sung by Arijit Singh from the upcoming movie Befikre. It is worth noticeable fact that bollywood has moved far crossing the barriers of language and cultures. Earlier bollywood songs contained only Hindi lyrics; later on with the trend of fusion and rap we started mixing up in Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, English and now even foreign languages. Learn french language at french classes in pune. 

Not only bollywood, India totally has approached the whole world through wide communications channels, businesses, export imports and other official or personal terms. France-India relations have been traditionally close since years so with the French Language. Both the countries share a good bond. Impact of French language in India can be seen in various ways with several benefits. Being French an international and only language spoken in the world equal to English in every country. Visit today in french courses in pune.

In Indian curriculum also French language has its footsteps long ago; in schools and colleges, French is taught as a subject. Students migrating for foreign studies every year join classes and institutes to learn French Language. Many institutes offer this course at different levels i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced. Not only students, ladies or old or anyone can get to learn it in Pune City as well all over India.
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