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Follow The Will to Make Your Way
Mrs. Seema, a home science professor was taking hand craft classes as per her usual routine in School of Arts, suddenly she got a thought to start her own school so that she can teach her students a variety of embroidery styles she is masters in. This thought made her more curious about his teaching passion and love towards embroidery craft.

In very short span of time she came with a school at small level, teaching embroidery and other such hand crafts. This needle and thread lead her to a unique identity and fame in society. She did wonders with this craft, not only she got a number of students in her school also she gave employment to many people such as teachers under her guidance, staff in administration, peon, watchman, assistant etc. But due to urbanization, she faced a difficulty in getting students as now a days there are not many people who want to learn hand crafts. She did so well in her business with her love of teaching, knowledge of Indian Textiles and skill in embroidery.

The concept of the school was to make people aware of various forms and beauty of Embroidery. People accepted and appreciated the art well, but she could not get the amount she deserved against her work. She promoted the art of various cities like Karnataka, West Bengal, Kashmir and Gujarat. She tried to save the Indian traditions in embroidery which was layered under some modern arts. Today with 60% growth she is so happy the way she has shaped up the school.

Generally, what people know about embroidery is some kind of embedded work on fabrics. Only the experts can describe about it that it not only takes place on cloth, but also on Canvas, Burlap, Faux Leather, Microfiber, nylon and polyester too. 

Indian government should promote this hand craft to take our culture and crafts to international levels. In our city one can easily join embroidery classes and learn the lessons by finding out the nearby and suitable class. Do not bother about scrolling pages and internet, just visit CLASSBOAT to get verified results.

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