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Find Out How It All Began
The Conception               
Renu Shirukar, who is a fitness buff, and Jay Deshmukh, an acting enthusiast, upon returning from the UK, were looking for hobby classes to fill their spare time with.  This is where the story begins.  Renu, a loving mother of two, was keen on finding the perfect dance classes for her young daughter, who had expressed an interest in learning to dance.  Though they found a dance class for their daughter, the search was time-consuming and difficult.  It took a few hit and misses before they found the right instructor and class for their young girl.  They had the same amount difficulty in finding their own hobby classes as well.  It was like sifting through sand to find a pebble.  They both saw a need that could be filled and started discussing how they could make it easier for finding classes of any kind not only for children but adults as well. Thus, the idea was conceived and the dream of educating the world with skills, one small step at a time, was born.

The Gestation Period               
With an idea firmly in their minds, they spent countless days and hours trying to come up with a name for their baby.  And one very late sleepless night, while the whole world was asleep, Renu in her half sleepy state, blurted out, Classboat and thus began their adventure.

The Birth               
With the guidance and help from MIT’s Edugild, who provided the seed funding, helped guide them through the marketing process, business management and directed them towards Venture Capitalists, who would be interested in investing further in their company, they were able to launch a demo site within six months of its conception.  Things were moving rapidly for Jay and Renu, for Classboat was now alive and kicking.

Their Baby               
What started out as an idea between two people grew to 4 employees then 8, making a total of 10, now.  A small company started by people with big hearts and a big dream of providing skills-based education to the masses.  With thousands of classes listed, a keen learner can find just about anything they are interested in learning on Classboat  like animation classes in pune, aviation courses in pune, and beautician course in pune .And what makes Classboat unique isn’t that it brings educators and learners together on one platform, no, it is the fact that it promotes the learning of skills.  Skills that are necessary for whole brain development. Activities to stimulate both sides of the brain.  Whether you are looking for something creative or academic, you are sure to find the class you seek on Classboat.               

Therefore, whether you are a learner or educator, become a part of Renu’s and Jay’s dream and register yourself in Classboat.

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