Film Making As Magical As Baahubali Posted By Annalakshmi

Film Making As Magical As Baahubali
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The best part about watching blockbuster movies, like the recently released Baahubali 2, is seeing the first show on the first day on the big screen. The magic of the audience combined with the magic of the movie, is a feeling that simply can’t be replaced by watching it at home on your TV.  I recently watched Baahubali 2, along with millions of other people around the world and fell in love with the characters and the movie.  It wasn’t simply the acting, sets, graphics or story that made me fall in love with this movie but all these things combined, which dragged you into their world and left you dazed when the movie ended three hours later.  

The thing I loved most about the movie, along with countless others, was the genuineness of the characters of ancient times.  The kind of raw masculinity displayed in the movie combined beautifully with the softness of femininity made you fall in love with the characters.  The display of feminine strength combined with the gentleness of the females made you realize the true meaning of the word Woman Power, which unfortunately many of us have forgotten today.  The same can be said for the raw strength of masculine energy, which Baahubali displayed, combined with the gentleness and softness he portrayed with the women in his life that he loved, is something the men of present day know very little about.  The director was able to tap into the innocence and sincerity of the ancient times to tell a story beautifully woven together with modern graphics and visual effects that made the movie appealing to all age groups.  There were those who were attracted to the beautiful story, the group who was there for the stunning visual effects and finally the individuals there for the action in the movie, of which there was plenty.  

The combination of all these elements is what made the movies, Baahubali 1 and 2 blockbusters.  The vision, creativity, skills and talent needed to bring together such a movie can only happen under a gifted director.  But making great movies is not something that can be taught. It can be developed, along with your passion, which will propel the need to learn and develop the skill by enrolling in film making courses in pune become the one of the few individuals who are creating history with their movies.  Regardless of whether this is a natural or developed talent, learning to make great films  is something that requires dedication, sincerity and with an outstanding film making courses in pune that can teach you everything you need to know so that you can become and make great films such as the recently released, S. S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali.  

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