Exciting Opportunities in Big Data Posted By Vikram

Exciting Opportunities in Big Data
I had recently bought a laptop on Amazon, and the next day, while I was on my Facebook page, I saw advertisements for laptops and laptop accessories.  I’m sure many of you have faced similar situations after shopping online.  It doesn’t even matter if you have made a purchase or simply spent a few minutes browsing through some of the many online shopping sites.  The subsequent sites you visit, will automatically display advertisements for the product for which you were browsing for.  All kinds of agencies use the data you unknowingly send into cyber space for marketing purposes.  Scary or Not?  That is for you to decide.  

Awhile ago, I used to feel that this kind of intrusion was an invasion of privacy.  An unknown computer watching my browsing patterns and making suggestions to me did not rest well with me. But then I met friends who were so engrossed with everything technology had to offer and they didn’t seem to mind.  For example, my friend uses a traffic reports app on this way to and from work daily.  So, he gets suggestions on his phone for restaurants he can visit on his way home since the app knows his daily route.  That got me thinking, what can anyone possibly do knowing that I prefer a certain brand of product to another or bought a laptop recently.  Not much really.  I am not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide, so I no longer get disturbed when I see an advertisement similar to what I was shopping for. In fact, sometimes the suggestions have been helpful, and if they weren’t, I just closed the ad.  Simple.  

But if you dig a little deeper, somebody has to be sitting there analyzing your activity, your spending patterns, your travel route, the restaurants you frequent, etc.  The kind of information we are constantly sending into the World Wide Web is collected, sorted and analysed by somebody.   So, naturally, this has led to a boom in data jobs in the IT field. A Career in Big Data is as promising as a software developer.  But the kinds of skills required to be successful in this field is a more analytical. There are few who match the requirements, making this a highly lucrative field with high returns.  Join big data courses in pune.

So what exactly are the traits one must possess to enter into this field and be successful?  If you are analytically inclined and have an insatiable curiosity for working with data and interpreting it, a career in big data might be the answer for you. Differentiate yourself from your counterparts and step into the field of Big Data by enrolling in big data courses in pune in the realm of IT careers.  It will prove to the financially rewarding for you, as you will be creating a niche for yourself, in this competitive job market.  

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