Even Monkeys Fall From Trees Posted By Rupali

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees
Japan, a beautiful and peaceful land from where Zen was born, cherry blossoms, samurais and beautiful architecture.  A country that is full of history, tradition, wisdom and culture.  The Japanese people are known for being soft spoken, smart hard workers, resilient beauty (both inner and outer) and a natural welcoming nature.  Whenever I think of Japan, I think of Zen, Buddha, cherry blossom trees and the many words of wisdom quotes, such as “Even monkey’s fall from trees” – which means everybody makes mistakes or another popular one, “Not knowing is Buddha”, - Ignorance is Bliss.    
It is not a coincidence that in most of the Hollywood movies, the Japanese people are portrayed as soft spoken, gentle and humble people, despite having had horrible things happen to them in the past.  If you have ever traveled to Japan, you will find that the reality is no different.  A country that is quiet and filled with the kindest people that speak with a gentleness.  Compare that to our country, filled with sounds that overpower our ears.  In fact, you might find that Japan is much too quiet from what you are used to, here in India, and long to come back home.  A statement that holds true for many Indian travelers who have visited Japan.  
The language itself is one that is easy to listen to and pleasing to the ears.  A language you can learn in japanese classes in pune By enrolling in these japanese classes in pune, you will not only be learning the language, but about the land, the people and their culture, so that if you find  yourself traveling to this rich country, whether for business or pleasure, you will feel a bit more comfortable having the knowledge of the language and the people and their customs.
So, enrich yourself in the culture of Japan by immersing yourself in the japanese classes in pune, so that when life chooses to send you on a trip to Japan, you can discover the secrets to peaceful living, in the land of Zen.  

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