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Equestrianism - A Thrilling Sport
When I hear about this sport, the picture what comes in my mind are the scenes from movies or mythological serials that knights riding the horses in their shining Armour going to fight a war or returning back after winning one. Also few of the scenes from movies where English officers visit villages on their horses and also the group of villains kidnaps the lead actresses or the kids and the last one the outdoor game Polo.

Horses are the creatures who are usually used for sports, stunts and cartwheel or wagon rides etc. Whatever we think in our mind but we cannot deny the fact that Horse riding used to be a privilege of nobility in ancient era. Since 19th century Horse riding  has been a declared and organized sport with the jumping event since the Olympics in 1900 held at Paris.

Women too have been part of this sport activity in later years. In this era this sport is played all age groups. This sport activity is very healthy for human body structure, it works on muscles that you never even knew you had those! That is why it is called a thrilling sport. Book a demo at horse riding classes in pune.

There are many forms of competitive horse riding such as horse racing, polo, rodeo and hunting. Horses play an vital role in movies and songs too. Not only in kidnapping scenes or wars but in romantic ones and songs to give special effects. Actors and actresses have to learn horse riding to perform the stunts or scenes as scripted. Find best horse riding classes in pune on classboat.com

But youth now a days is learning horse riding as a hobby. Various training schools have been introduced since years in almost every big city now in two tier ones too so that one can learn to ride easily without no wait.

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