Enter The World Of 3D Animation For An Exciting Career By Taking Animation Courses Posted By Vaishnavi

Enter The World Of 3D Animation For An Exciting Career By Taking Animation Courses
Love watching animated movies? Intrigued by the intricacies of the animation and designing world? Is sketching your idea of relaxation? If yes, then you must consider making a career in the very successful animation and graphics industry.

Animation is a fascinating world in itself wherein, at the stoke of a pencil, you can create an array of different characters, which might become sensations in the world of TV and cinema. Classboat thus holds a list of institutes offering various courses in the field of animation and VFX.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), a media & entertainment education brand of Aptech Ltd., is a pioneer in providing the best of courses in animation and cinematics. Having a branch in Dharamshala, the academy has an extensive industry experience and brings the right blend of perspectives to launch the young students into the professional world. Along with providing certified courses, MAAC assures 100% placements with all leading studios like Red Chillies, Prime Focus, Disney, Prana etc.

Students can choose from a variety of courses such as animation, VFX film design, graphics, web design and development, and many more. At MAAC, the animation course is designed right from the pre-production to the post production phase, which enables learning all aspects of animation and filmmaking. The institute boasts of well trained professionals who offer continuous assistance to students as well as frequent visits from experts in the animation industry.

Classboat helps in connecting interested and talented individuals to the institutions offering the best in animation and thereby blooming their career.

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