Empty Mind Devil’s Workshop Posted By Harsh

Empty Mind Devil’s Workshop
Our mind is always busy either planning, thinking, recalling, or concentrating on something. Continuously it is engaged. A busy mind is engaged into the activities going on one by one, from incomplete dreams or night mares and then waking up following daily routine with family or office or health club or any other activity.

A person who has no work to do becomes lazy. We must effort to keep our self occupied. Idle mind engages itself in meaningless tasks such as gossips, and back biting. It’s upon us what we choose to do, Do we hear voice of our conscience or let mind Rule?

Maximum number of cases we here are about people getting into depression, and lead to poor mental conditions, results can be hazardous at times which are faced by the family members. Only few of the patients are back to normal with the help of medical treatments and positive attitude. In rest cases we see, patients getting admitted to mental hospitals.

An empty mind can lead in two of the directions either the evil one or the spiritual one. Why can’t an empty mind be God’s Workshop? If one wishes to move in this direction he can choose to Meditate, practice Yoga, help the needy, serve the poor. God have given us this beautiful life with a genius mind and ample of time. We should utilize this time wisely.

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