Empower Your Child With The Tools To Change The Future Posted By Priya

Empower Your Child With The Tools To Change The Future
It is a well-known, silent, fact amongst those in the education sector, that the Indian education system is flawed and outdated.  It promotes parroting, memorizing text from books, instead of allowing for individual thought and unique perspectives.  A child in this education system grows up with no originality, no personality and the inability to think critically.  These are the children of our future.  What will our country look like in a few decades?             

Most college graduates today, have only one ambition and that is to land a job in a Multinational Company that offers a high salary, not to become entrepreneurs.  They are happy being slaves to a few MNC’s in return for money.  This does not help them develop any new skills or talents, just to follow the roles assigned and let the money go out of the country along any talent that may exist. 

However, if a child is allowed to express their opinions, thoughts, and perspectives, from a young age, then they are more likely to branch out on their own, in the future.  They would be able to spot areas that can be developed and start a business to address those needs and create jobs as well.  But these individuals are very few, at present.  Our system, our teachers are not interested in developing individuals, who can think logically, critically and offer their own solutions, opinions, and thoughts, but parrots, who can memorize and repeat back what has been said and done. 

Education is about developing and learning new skills.  Its job is to make you knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, promote critical thinking and allow you the chance to discover your personality and talents.  But, changing the education system is a huge task to undertake.  So what can we do to make sure our children grow up to be intelligent individuals and not parrots?

Don’t pressure your child to get perfect marks, instead focus on him/her understanding what they are learning.  Allow your children the chance to explore other things in life, that have nothing to do with academics.  This is vital because, by allowing your child to explore their interests and hobbies, you will, as a responsible parent, enable the development of both sides of the brain, the creative side, and logical side, thus creating intelligent and talented children.  But don’t overload them with extra-curricular activities also.  Let them be children and play and enjoy their carefree life. 

So, if your child shows a capacity for music, then ask them if they would be interested in learning an instrument or perhaps your kids would like to learn a language.  See what interests them and enrol them in that hobby class.  Where and how do you find these classes for your children?  This is the easy part, finding the hobby class.  Simply go to the online education portal, classboat.com and browse through the many classes that you can find, not only for your child but perhaps for yourself as well.             

Take the time to raise your children properly, for they are the leaders of tomorrow.  By enrolling them in different activities and allowing them the chance to explore all the things there is in life, they will grow up as free thinking individuals.  And perhaps, they will be the ones to change the Education system in India. 

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