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Dressing The World With Fashion Design Classes
A friend of mine from the instant we met formed a soul level connection.  There are some people whom you just form instant connections with as if you have known each other your whole lives.   One of the first things I noticed about her upon our initial meeting was her unique sense of fashion.  It was different from the norm, but it complimented her unique personality.  She had a style of her own with an eye for fashion and a natural ability to decipher what worked well together and what did not.

Having a great fashion sense and being able to bring together colors and fabrics together to create a piece of fashion art, is a gift. It is an art form, which not everybody is born with.  However, there are many like my friend, who do not realize that the gift they have can actually pave their career path.  My friend used to work for an IT company, where she was miserable. She was a free spirit, which her fashion reflected and was disliked by colleagues and management alike, for simply being different.  She fit the profile of many artists, who are misunderstood by society and can’t seem to fit into the normal mold.  But she was born to stand out, not just with her fashion, but as a person.

So, after many months of talking about it, she boldly took the step and joined a Fashion Design institutes in pune at the famous INIFD institutes in Koregaon Park   If you were to see her today, you might not notice the difference in her, except for those close to her because while she may look the same on the outside, with the same unique fashion style, there is a sparkle in her eyes that didn’t exist before.  She is doing what she loves, creating unique fashion, which is something she has always been doing, but never knew she could start into a career in it.  Being able to do what you love is a gift not many are privileged with, a privilege she enjoys in her fashion designing courses in pune where she is not just learning about creating fashion, but how to unleash the creative potential of her mind, so that she can share with the world her idea of fashion and make a mark, that will last forever. 

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