Dreams, Ambitions And Certifications Posted By Nitya

Dreams, Ambitions And Certifications
Pooja, a girl full of mischief, who could make you do anything by talking and smiling sweetly at you.  She was not interested in studying, rather keen on playing or chatting.  But she had dreams and ambitions for her life. I always knew she would achieve them because I knew behind that mischief and sweet smiling face laid a hidden potential that would shine through.  I remember one time she had an exam in college and she didn’t study for it and was thinking about skipping out on the exam.  My husband, a professor, told her “If you have the courage to not study, then you should have the courage to show up for the exam, also.”  She went for her exam that day and ended up barely passing.  She still remembers what he said.  
One evening, we are all sitting in the living room after dinner, her mother, father, brother, my husband and I.  My husband who knows amateur palmistry, read everybody’s hands.  He read Pooja’s hands and said, she is a very talented person, who has lots of potential, but she will never show it.  Also that if she applied herself that she would discover all the many things she could do, but her main problem would be applying herself.  We all laughed because that sounded exactly like her.  
She had big dreams of traveling the world. So we recommended she become an air hostess. But she was against the idea because she didn’t want to wear short skirts.  That was her reasoning.  So, she enrolled in a Bachelors program in Computer Applications.  She finished her degree and got a job at an MNC, which didn’t surprise me since I always knew she would be successful.  Within a few years of joining, she decided to get her Masters by studying part time and also got certified as an Oracle DBA.  This was the best career move she made.  Being a certified Oracle DBA meant she could always find a job. Not just any job, but a good paying job.  Today, she is an expert in her field, many years later and earning a nice salary and enjoying her life just as she dreamed when she was still in pigtails.  

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Elma Davis
Elma Davis05 June 2021
I hope Pooja is enjoying her profession. It’s true that people aren’t able to take right decision early. Being a recruiter and also provide help with cv near me, I listened to hundreds of candidate daily who needs to change their career. And the reason is the lack of interest in the currently associated field. I must say, Follow your dreams.