Don’t Step Out Of The Home And Fit Into The Man’s World Posted By Annalakshmi

Don’t Step Out Of The Home And Fit Into The Man’s World
Although the past 50 years has seen a dramatic change in the role of women in society, women have always been trying to break through the molds set by society.  As women demanded their right to vote, as they shortened the hemlines of their dresses and changed from riding their horse side saddle to astride, women have been slowly breaking through barriers in both small and big ways.  Although the progress of women in society has made leaps and bounds, there is still a far way to go, as the norm mindset has yet to change.  

As long as children’s movies, such as Brave or Frozen, continue to teach small girls that a man is not necessary to be happy and to believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams, there is still hope.  The prevalent mindset that a women’s place is still at home, regardless of her high paying IT career, has yet to change.   She still has to come home to make dinner, keep the house tidy and put the children to bed.  Although, men are taking a more active role in the home, in many places in the world this change has yet to happen.  Furthermore, as women step out in the world, they adapt themselves to be successful in the man’s world, thereby losing the very essence of their femininity and heightening their masculine strength.  And in doing so, many women have forgotten or have failed to realize the strength that lies in embracing their femininity, which is as powerful.  

Soft, subtle energies have immense power.  Take, for example, water, which has the power to cut through massive rock formations to form beautiful natural wonders such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon.  The water’s gentle pressures against the rocks over time caused it to break down and give way for the beauty and grandeur that we all can witness today.  Such is the strength of femininity.  Why should we women, alter ourselves and try to be like men in their world.  Rather, with patience and time, we can change the face of the society to become a more loving and peaceful world, rather than trying to embrace the ways and practices of the world as it exists today, full of violence and hatred.  Surely, with so much destruction a gentler, feminine approach might be just what is needed. So, as you go about working in the IT field or as Interior designers, remember to bring yourself into the work which you do and lead by example for the future generations, so that they can witness the power of gentility and the softness of femininity.   

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