Don’t Learn By Studying. Break It Down Into Tiny Pieces Posted By Sanaya

Don’t Learn By Studying.  Break It Down Into Tiny Pieces
A couple of years ago the PCB(printed circuit board), blew out in my washing machine.  So, when the washing machine technician told me it would have to be replaced and that it would cost a small fortune, I was shocked and left with no other option other than to pay, since I needed my washing machine.  As many of you know, there is no turning back, once you’ve experienced the luxury of having a washing machine.  So when, six months later, it blew out again, I was outraged because I knew I would have to hand over a small fortune again.  There are so many technicians out there that have very little knowledge about electronics and how they work.  So, their answer to any problem that a customer comes across is to simply replace the entire piece, instead of repairing it.  

It seems there is a huge lack of talent and understanding when it comes to electronics and how they work.  Many people, who shift from small villages to the big city, learn the basics and then become electricians who charge outrageous fees for minimal work, which consists always of simply replacing the part.  When it comes to understanding the mechanics of how things work, there is a huge knowledge gap.  
But as students pursuing a degree in electronics, this might not concern you, except in the future, when some electrician comes to your home and tries to fool you into paying a large sum for minimal work, which you can probably do yourself, since you have a deeper understanding, than he probably does.  With a degree of certification in electronics you can get jobs easily in telecommunications, instrumentation, manufacturing and aerospace to name a few.  

The best part about learning and earning your certification or degree as an electronics engineer, is that you get to find out how things work. You can take them apart down to the tiniest parts and then assemble it together to build your knowledge with hands on learning.  I know, as a kid, I was always dismantling gadgets around the house and getting in trouble for it, but as electronics students you can call it a learning experience.  So, pursue your options in this exploratory area that will build your problem solving and creative thinking skills, while I continue to pay enormous sums to my electrician to fix/replace parts that break down in the many appliances in my house.  

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